amy and eliza.jpg whole experience of life transformed!

Endless gratitude and reverence for this incredible women and her teachings! After completing her 'how to be your own guru' journey in 2016, my whole experience of life transformed! My perception of colour vibrations, my experience of food, my understanding of myself, (thoughts, feelings, words and actions), my relationships and life as a whole, has been opened to an entire new, expanded and divine way of BEing. As the name suggests, this work is about learning to be your own healer, accessing our own inner-knowing and harnessing our own power! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and healing with such joy and fun!

- Amy Sarah Friedman

Photo of Eliza and Amy in 2016


I can truly say...

" I can truly say that this inner work has allowed me to remain in a place of compassion and empathy for all that surround me. This course gave me a safe and protected space to receive insight into myself, my sense of purpose and how to interpret, read and utilise my energy to forge a more balanced life.

I am now able to sit in a place of equanimity with all parts of myself." - Tohmas Jaymes Carreau-Reade


The perfect missing piece to the spiritual puzzle! 

I had been searching long and hard for help me dive into that next evolutionary step of my own spiritual journey… and baby did I find it with Eliza. The warmth and love shown by Eliza was only rivaled by her beautiful companion Hershey – ‘the grounding wonder dog’. If you feel stagnant in your own spiritual growth then I highly recommend this. Our whole group went away not wanting it to stop. We all had our own experiences and made great connections, my kundalini was not just activated, but ignited in what was a transforming spiritual and physical shift.- Fab Mazzagatti- Horszowski


The how to be your own guru classes that I have recently attended have been truly amazing and inspiring and have allowed space for a deeper understanding and exploration of the self.

It was such a special experience which allowed for a much deeper understanding of my soul. 

The information taught to us is very practical and useful for every day life and we were given so many tools and ways of addressing and processing our emotions, while Eliza held a safe space, taking us through a trance that enabled us to release anything that no longer served us.

Such amazing and transformative experiences every time I go to one of these classes and they are done in such a fun, loving and open way!! Highly recommend going to any of these classes - you will get so much out of them. Thankyou beautiful how to be your own guru team!! Xxxx

A short testimonial about the Quantum Self Healing Level 1 and 2 training. 

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