Island Elements Festival

Island Elements Festival

Eliza Love A.K.A. Eliza Kendall Hather

Eliza has been working in the field of spiritual and human development for 25 years. As the founder of the How to be your own guru school Eliza is dedicated to helping you help yourself. 

She believes we are all healers, magicians and lightworkers and she has committed her life to helping those who are ready to awaken to their highest potential. 

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Tohmas Jaymes Carreau-Reade

Tohmas believes in living on the edge of discovery; both within and without. He is A curious herbalist druid with a long lineage in celtic wisdom. 

he is dedicated to acting as a medium between humanity and the spirits of nature. 

he works within the nature realms and brings reverence and playfulness to all spaces he inhabits.

Tohmas believes we all have access to the wisdom stored deep within that unites us with the energy of earth. 

Eliza and Kylie as Hypnotheric Soundscapes.  Image by Jac Price at Your World in Pictures.  

Eliza and Kylie as Hypnotheric Soundscapes.

Image by Jac Price at Your World in Pictures.  

Kylie Bayens

Kylie Bayens is the Creative Director of Arkadia Soundscapes and is dedicated to creating medicinal music for the benefit of all who receive it. Kylie has been presenting music as medicine for over a decade and for the last four years, she has worked with clairvoyants, singers, shamans, hypnotherapists and musicians from all over the world, producing sound healing modalities at different events and festivals.



Jasmoon Jarvis A.K.A  Spirit Fire

Jazzmoon Jarvis has been playing the magik flute for over 18 years. Technically trained from a child she always found pleasure in creating sound through wind & air instruments.

Now a sound healer, Jasmine channels a native American style playing through 'Spirit' to emphases healing on the individual or collective group. Jazzmoon goes under the healing name 'Spirit Fire' where her magik shines brightest, allowing for the divine source to guide her musical journey.