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The Superconscious- Contacting your Higher Self

  • 26 Tennyson Street Byron Bay, NSW, 2481 Australia (map)

THE SUPERCONSCIOUS- Contacting Your Higher Self. ~~▼

Sometimes riding the waves of earth can be rough. Too many ups and downs, too many uncertainties, not enough ease, not enough support. We often feel as if we are alone on the earth and in many ways we are alone in our humanity because we are all unique. Unrepeatable expressions of a single source. But we are also never alone.

The fact that you are human means you come to earth with a higher self, your big self, the super conscious, your guardian angel; these are all the same thing and you have one special one that stays with you every moment of everyday. Guiding, loving, leading and healing.

You are on earth as a small version of your higher self. Your small self is on the ground in the 3D navigating the terrains of earth life in a human suit.

Your higher self is keeping your connection to source, existing as one with it all, guiding you from a higher vantage point and passing down appropriate information to gracefully lead you through your lessons, in your purpose; to greater levels of intelligence, compassion, grace and joy.

What would change in your life if you had constant access to this communication?

Would life get easier?

Will you feel safer or more confident?

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