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Empowered Empath- Tools for Sensitive Humans

  • Abbortsford Covent 1 Saint Heliers Street Abbotsford, VIC, 3067 Australia (map)

This HOW TO BE YOUR OWN GURU Practical Magic workshop is for the sensitive ones. The helpers, healers, givers and lovers.

You who yearns to give love to all but regularly feels drained of energy and life force.

You who often finds the pain of this world overwhelming and too much to face.

You who FEELS it all. The emotions of others, the pain of animals, the suffering of the earth and the collective fear.

Do you want to open but often feel the need to shut off?

Do you need to have stronger boundaries?

Did you know being extra sensitive is a mediumship ability?

Being an empath or a sensitive means you perceive the world from an extra sensory perspective, you are reading the vibrational fields as you enter them. Feeling the energy of a space, person or animal inside of your experience.

Did you know that there are different types of Empaths and Sensitives?

Or that when harnessed and finely tuned, like any other skill, the gift of psychic sensitivity can be a joy in this world and a massive benefit to the greater good without robbing you of any energy?

Many Empaths feel this gift a burden, a struggle and complain of being too sensitive.

Let us show you how this can be turned into a magnificent tool you can use to help yourself and those around you, safety and sustainably.

There is no need to change yourself into being tougher or less compassionate. During this class, we will show you how to self-care and illuminate so bright your light becomes sustainable and can act as a firm but fluid energetic boundary.

We will give you the skills to stand empowered in your own Toroidal Field so nothing can dim your light or take you off your centre for more than a few moments.

Together, we will also journey into your super consciousness so you can receive direct, personal advice to activate the full extent of your sensitive capacities.

In this workshop, you will also have the opportunity to connect with other sensitives who understand this way of being.


This class will include raw vegan chocolate and herbal tea. You will also walk away with a few little gifts to help you remember to use the skills in your everyday life.

Invite your sensitive friends, bring a cushion, a pen, a pad and some water.


Buy your ticket here- concession price available