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Shed 2018 and Clarify Your Vision for 2019!

  • Byron Bay Scout Hall (map)

~~~<<<(([---{{ FIRST BYRON BAY CLASS FOR THE YEAR }}---]))>>>~~~


Before we can expand into the higher realms of awareness and activate our psychic capacities we must first heal the wounds in the heart and 2018 was a doozey!

It is essential as you increase your extra-sensory skills and connect to the wisdom from your higher self and guides to first cleanse the emotional baggage from your past SO LET'S SHED THAT OLD SKIN!

The lotus flower grows out of the mud it is born in. Your past has made you who you are today and the lessons you learned have already been assimilated into your psyche, it is now time to release the pain.

In this class, we will use gentle but effective practices to heal past traumas and clear the fears that are keeping you stuck.

You will be taught multiple ways you can then continue your own healing at your own pace. We will unlock your natural capacity to heal and guide yourself, restore your confidence and set you up to deal with emotions as they occur in the moment; freeing you from yesterday and anchoring your full power into your now; FOR A NEW YOU IN THE NEW YEAR

We will then learn the harness the universal laws of manifestation so we can program our 2019 to exactly the way we want it. Clarifying our vision and set up a practical plan to help us get it.


These are weekly classes for GROUNDED SPIRITUAL understanding and ACTIVATION with the How to Be Your Own Guru Practical Magic Academy.

Held in the Byron Scout Hall every Thursday evening these classes will offer a different subject matter every week.

▲ This is for you who wants clarity and insight into who you are in the world, your purpose and position.

▲ This is for you who wants to access your intuition and develop a trust in your internal guidance systems.

▲ This is for you who finds new age spirituality confusing and contradictory and old world religion dogmatic and controlling.

▲ For you who wants to expand and heal without the woo woo and airy fairyness.

▲ For you who longs to connect with your spirit guides and feel confident in your own skin.

Over the spring-summer of 2018-2019, we will play while we learn, we will balance our heart and minds, we will use the trance state to heal and our higher minds to remember what it is to feel whole.

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In this class, you will learn about the power animals on earth. Why they exist alongside us, how they are inspiring and teaching us and the wisdom each share.

Using a shamanic trance you will be lead on a journey to meet some of the animal spirits that are working with you right now.

We will play some games of embodiment to anchor these guides into our bodies so we can feel their presence and allow their medicine to have a positive, powerful impact on our lives.

This will set you up nicely for a year of close personal contact with your spirit animal friends.

~~→ → → ▲▲▲▲ ON TOUR FOR 3 WEEKS! ▲▲▲▲← ← ←~~

The How to Be Your Own Guru Practical Magic Academy is on tour in Melbourne for 3 weeks, Next Byron event the 14th FEBRUARY.


This class is a very different class. It's the middle of summer and we think it's time to burn off the dead wood, shed the last of the past, break free of the year gone and jack into the power of our animal guides.

This class will consist of two phases:

1} a deep, potent trance journey to meet your team of animal guides

2} an ecstatic, guided dance to activate this wisdom into your everybody

Come be initiated into the amazing embodied medicine of true and clear connection to the animals

that guide us- it's Val day, come dance with yourself.