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How to Be Your Own Guru- Spiritual Expansion Training

This is a soul on earth expansion course- taking the airy fairy out of spirituality; giving you the keys to a grounded spiritual life.


This is PRACTICAL MAGIC, our most popular training.

"(This) course allowed me the space and freedom to consciously walk the path of self trust, tools at the ready.

I now have a library and a head and a heart full of resources!

Most importantly, they work: they allow me to find the stillness, peace, joy and beauty within and lead to changes without.

The intention-fueled container that Eliza created meant I felt safe and healed just by attending. The mix of knowledge and information presented by Eliza complemented the experiential learning she facilitated through meditations, hypno-therapeutic practices, and sound baths.

It was a journey that was a joy to be on!!

Thank you to Eliza who embodies the wisdom she has with grace, candor, reverence, kindness and most importantly, humor and fun." - Amy Sinclair

" profoundly changed and shape shifted my entire existence.

I no longer look into a mirror with fear.

I have experienced an uprise in perception, freedom, acceptance and compassion for the world, lovers, friends and self.

My fear of abandonment has turned into excitement or independence and autonomy.

When I would crumble I now feel empowered." - Jasmine Jarvis



△ effective grounding and stabilising of daily life

△ how to create your dreams into your physical reality

△ energetic protection and boundaries

△ your shadow aspects; how to illuminate and transform them

△ playful methods to do your own emotional and trauma release

△ chakra activation and clinical hypnosis

△ life's purpose and lessons; destiny and past lives

△ the meaning of soul mates and soul contracts; how to harmonise or attract them

△ effective use of your intuition and the omens in synchronicity

△ spirit and animal guidance connection and interpretation

△ easy to access states of mindfulness

△ extra sensory gifts like clairvoyance and empathy

△ quantum healing

there is so much here!



# you are special, unrepeatable


# your higher self is constantly communicating with you and you can access this guidance daily; with clarity and confidence

# it can be easy to live a balanced, harmonious life on earth

# you can learn to be a grounded soul on earth, floating through in the flow of alignment while feeling safe

# you are a master self healer

# your sensitivities are a gift

# you can heal the trauma of the past and be free



^ wants control over their energetic space with clear boundaries

^ feels lost or unclear about their life's purpose

^ wishes to better understand themselves, their unique gifts, reactions, patterns and responses

^ desires to become self accepting with a delightful intra-personal relationship

^ wants more loving inter-personal relationships

^ is seeking a deeper knowledge of universal laws applied to earth

^ is ready to clear emotional and mental blocks to a flow of joy and creativity

^ wants practical applications for a spiritually aligned life, clarity around spiritual philosophy and tools for emotional resolve



These methods and insights have been gathered and developed by Eliza Kendall Hather over many years of personal study and professional work.

As a palliative nurse, an Empath, a Psychic Medium, a Quantum Healer, Clinical and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Trance Therapist and Spiritual Coach for 23 years, Eliza has learned many skills and communicated with many advanced beings in the physical and in the higher dimensions (4/5D). She is very well trained and an embodied, authentic teacher who walks her talk.

During these two weekend workshops she will present to you her perspective. A unique understanding from a lifetime of spiritual study, activation, professional services and personal development.

She offers this work with the intention to share her knowledge in a simple and joyous format for the evolution of your consciousness.

Eliza is dedicated to anchoring the frequencies of a peaceful and loving world into the earth. She believes it is her life purpose to help you find that peace within by sharing all that she has learned. For the highest benefit of all life on earth; she believes we must first come to truly know ourselves. Know how to activate our intuitive wisdom and learn the art of self healing and activation.


" Eliza is extremely friendly and knowledgable. She has the relevant experience and it shows, along with her enthusiasm which is contagious."

" beautifully eloquent and pragmatic her truth is expressed in her ability to walk her talk and be a shining example of what it is to be a practical spiritual human."

" gentle, vibrant, exciting, inspiring, supportive, accepting and loving."

We use a unique blend (tailored specifically for each group) of spiritual (universal) education and intuitive awakenings, clinical trance therapy, interactive experiments in a safe and contained energetically supported environment and our favorite playful practices.

These classes will be strictly limited to 12 people because you will also be receiving spiritual healing, psychic downloads and emotional release, as is Eliza's professional practice, as well as a group past life regression experience and an intuitive sound healing session using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls with Kylie Bayens.

Assisting Eliza in this class will be sound healers Jasmine Jarvis and Kylie Bayens. See the OUR TEAM page on this site for bios.



"The course taught me many interesting and practical techniques and helped me to connect deeper to my spiritual side. It has given me an alternate perception to the mainstream western society view of things and allowed me to get in touch with myself on deeper levels.

The course has helped me to release old habits and emotions, work through past traumas and issues." - anonymous


" I can truly say that this inner work has allowed me to remain in a place of compassion and empathy for all that surround me. This course gave me a safe and protected space to receive insight into myself, my sense of purpose and how to interpret, read and utilize my energy to forge a more balanced life.

I am now able to sit in a place of equanimity with all parts of myself." - Tohm



Due to the deep healing, cleansing, emotional release and spiritual development work in this workshop it is required that you commit to all FOUR FULL DAY CLASSES

INCLUDES AMAZING VEGAN LUNCH!! (contact Eliza with any dietary requests)

 SATURDAY 12th May 2018 11.00am -6.00pm

* SUNDAY 13th May 2018 11.00am - 6.00pm

* SATURDAY 19th May 2018 11.00am - 6.00pm

* SUNDAY 20th May 2018 11.00am - 6.00pm



The full fee for the both weekends is $555 which includes:

- four full days training

- a 1 hour sound healing session with Kylie Bayens guest teacher

- a past life regression experience with Eliza Kendall Hather

- emotional/behavioral releases and self healing practices

- one on one support throughout course

- access to community connections for life with current and past students

- transforming shamanic trance experiences

- a group past life regression session

- a meet your spirit guide trance journey

- a group psychic reading by Eliza Kendall

- chakra activating high vibration lunch all four days including raw activated vegan chocolates and medicinal herbal teas

These classes SELL OUT so do secure your place a.s.a.p.

EARLY BIRD special is $444!!! (available until sold out) that's $100 OFF!

- for FULL PAYMENT BEFORE the 4th April 2018


- a deposit of $111 is required before the 1st May 2018 (or until sold out)

- remaining exchange can be made on a payment plan ( to be paid in full before the 19th May 2018)


If money is your only reason for not attending please private message Eliza privately to arrange an alternative, we wish for this work to be available to all who seek it and a couple of exchange positions are available.



I believe in the magic of you!

I believe we are all unique and completely unrepeatable.

No one else on earth has your fingerprint.

Your heart, body and mind are totally original!

I believe this means you have the capacity to be your own guru, your own guide. To be the captain of your earth ship!

I have learned that having a broad understanding of spiritual concepts is great but to live a spiritual life we need to ground them into practical applications.

I learned these methods over many years of professional work as a palliative care nurse, clinical and past life regression hypnotherapist, trance therapist, medium and quantum healer.

A decade ago I studied and mentored with Rhondda Elizabeth Stewart and Matthew Flavaloro from the Australian College of Hypnosis and Paranormal Psychology and more recently with Quantum Healer, Past Life Regression and Psychic Researcher Dolores Cannon as well as His Holiness the Dali Lama and Tantric Shaman Deva Daricha.

I also love to assist and support fellow light workers and shamans in their practice. Recently working with Lydia Hikari Morolda from Dancing Freedom, Leyola Anatara of Kundalini Dance, Peter Bowden of Shamanic Earth Medicine and Sara Bindikat of Wild Women.

I've consulted and supported the full trance medium John of God in Brazil and on his visit to Sydney in 2015.

I facilitate alongside many different benevolent spirits from all over the cosmos but most importantly I am guided by the higher minds of my students.

I've completed courses with Insight Seminars and The School of Remembering to Awaken the Illuminated Heart as well as various psycho-therapeutic workshops over my 20 years of professional development.

My greatest inspirations have been the Mother Earth and all life here, the magic of everyone of my students and clients I've worked with and my own unique fantastic higher mind!!

I am dedicated to the truth coming from our intuitive heart's that sings of peace, autonomy, compassion and connection.


I am a teacher of universal wisdom translated into earth speed.

They call me a KEY.

Any queries or questions please email us at


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