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Past Lives and Spirit Guides

♡ Practical Magic DROP IN Class ♡

How many times have you wondered about your spirit guides? Who are they?

What do they do and how can I communicate with them?

Are they animal? Alien or ancestor?

Maybe you've been curious to experience a past life regression but are not ready to do a full session?

In this class you will gain clarity around these questions with information coming down from the forerunners in psychic research and the years of professional experience in this field from our Creative Director Eliza Kendall Hather.

You will then be lead on a trance journey to meet one or more of your personal spirit guides with an opportunity to receive insight and guidance for the new year.

We will come to understand the meaning and impact spirit guides and past lives have on your current life experience.

Following that we will journey together through a mini Past Life Regression session.

This class will be fun, informative and therapeutic as your higher self takes you to the most appropriate time and place to receive the information that is most relevant for you. Each journey is unique to your current needs.



This class will be held in scared space at The Anchors of Love Sanctuary in Clifton Hill.

○ activated raw vegan chocolates and herbal tea included in price ○

If you wish to stay a little longer there will be 30mins at the end of class to share tea and

♡ community connections with like minded people ♡



All inclusive ticket price

- $22

~~ spaces are limited, get in early! ~~



These methods and insights have been tried and tested by Eliza Kendall Hather, her students and clients over many years.


As an empath, a medium, a healer, a clinical and past life regression hypnotherapist, shamanic trance therapist and spiritual coach for 23 years, Eliza will lead you on this journey with love.

" Eliza is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She has the relevant experience and it shows, along with her enthusiasm which is contagious."

" beautifully eloquent and pragmatic her truth is expressed in her ability to walk her talk and be a shining example of what it is to be a practical spiritual human."

" gentle, vibrant, exciting, inspiring, supportive, accepting and loving."