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Eliza Love's Quantum Self Healing Level 1

  • Merri Creek Labryinth Merri Creek Trail Clifton Hill Australia (map)


Developed by the Creative Director of the How to Be Your Own Guru Practical Magic Academy- Eliza Kendall Hather, this is a super dynamic and powerful self healing method!

Drawing on wisdom from ancient practices like Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong, dance therapy, yoga, animal wisdom, tantra, embodiment practices and combining it with modern day cosmic witchery like clinical hypnotherapy, somatic psychology and the laws of Quantum Physics; this technique is not only very effective but also spontaneous and fun!

This isn't digging through the darkness of your past, this is Quantum Self Healing. That means you can heal your body, emotions and mind by elevating your consciousness. By moving dense blocked energy out and expanding the space within; you can alter your physical and emotional experience.


Eliza is going to teach you to use your magnificent hands, your inner guru, your joy, creativity, unique perspective, the elements of earth, your ears, eyes and intuition. The codes in colors, animal totems and the power of the white light. You will be trained to use your heart, emotions, imperfections and quirks.

The weirdo within will be invited to this party!


Here's what students are about this training:

" This is the most powerful self-healing tool I have yet come across and I would like to share it with everyone I love! If you feel drawn to embodied self-healing work please join the incredible and lovely Eliza Love for these workshops. She is an amazing teacher I keep coming back to and this technique is a game changer. See you there!"- Lachlan Harkness

" I used to believe that deep healing required consciously digging through the trenches of past pain and painstakingly bringing them back up to the surface; and I was up for the task! Brave as hell I drudged down there again and again and cleared many things. I healed many wounds but it took me a decade to do it and it was not what I would call fun or enjoyable.

So I developed another way. A way to clear the density in my emotional body and the pain in my heart. Through giving myself permission to be me I found a way to be free faster, with better results and way more fun!

I' m very excited to share this with you! This training has changed my relationship between my body, mind, emotions and spirit. From chaos and completion to harmony and synergy. - Eliza Love

This is the Quantum Self Healing method.

A tool you can use to resolve and let go, forgive and move on, understand and release, open and receive. A potent and powerful healing tool that is enjoyable in it's process.

This is level one of this training with the next installment Level 2 being offered on the Saturday the 3rd March 2018 12.00pm- 4.00pm so save that date too.

The ADMISSION PRICE for these classes is:

- $33 general admission/ per class

- $26 concession/ per class

DISCOUNT for both classes:

- $55 if paid before the 2nd Feb.

- $42 concession if paid in full before the 2nd Feb.

In level 1 of this training I will teach you to unblock stagnant energy held in your body, clean out the cobwebs of your minds eye, release repeating thoughts, energise from the inside out, connect with the offerings of the elemental forces and have a lot of fun at the same time.

In level 2 we will begin to access the pocket of energy that sits at the base of your spine, the Kundalini. We will unlock this reservoir and with focus and clear intention we will allow this snake like energy to rise and assist us to heal our entire body, mind and emotions.

We will also be dropping deeper into the elemental vibrations as they present to us in the moment and using those codes (information) to increase our healing capability.

We are holding this class at the Merri Creek Labyrinth in Clifton Hill.

Raw vegan chocolates and medicinal herbal iced tea are included. If you wish, bring some light snacks to share, a large water bottle and a pad and pen. Cushions and blankets provided.