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Make Awesome Stuff Happen! A 2018 manifestation class

  • The Anchors of Love Studio 18B Brockenshire Street Clifton Hill, VIC, 3068 Australia (map)

This is a NEW YEAR preparation class to set you up with a huge bag of tools to get what you want in 2018.

Yes, this is a manifestation class. A workshop to teach you the keys to getting your dreams out of your head and heart and into your physical reality.

You will learn ancient magical manifestation methods, simple rituals applied by modern day witches, the appropriate laws of physics that must come into play, the way to harness the correct parts of your brain; striking a balance between the Limbic system and the conscious brain as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy practices to ensure there is no self sabotage and creative embodiment to integrate your desires into your every body.

This class will be powerful and fun! As is the usual way with the Practical Magic Academy classes we play, share, connect with other awesome humans, eat vegan activated raw chocolates and expand in consciousness.

Together we will heal the barriers of fear and self doubt that stop you from creating the life of your dreams and get you ready, with a clarity of vision and the means to action, leading you into a fully charged 2018!

The How to Be Your Own Guru drop in classes are now offered at a $22 flat rate.

~~ spaces are limited, get in early! ~~



These methods and insights have been tried and tested by Eliza Kendall Hather, her students and clients over many years.

As an empath, a medium, a healer, a clinical and past life regression hypnotherapist, shamanic trance therapist and spiritual coach for 23 years, Eliza will lead you on this journey with love.

" Eliza is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She has the relevant experience and it shows, along with her enthusiasm which is contagious."

" beautifully eloquent and pragmatic her truth is expressed in her ability to walk her talk and be a shining example of what it is to be a practical spiritual human."

" gentle, vibrant, exciting, inspiring, supportive, accepting and loving."

Image by Parablev