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Eliza Love's Quantum Self Healing at Rainbow Serpent Festival

  • Rainbow Serpent Festival (map)


This technique is magic! Pure source energy magic accessed through your own internal resources.

In this short introduction class we will be using our bodies and hands to move our energy to the beat of the festival. This playful and mega potent healing method jacks in to the frequency of what presents in the environment so at Rainbow Serpent we will be jacking into some yummy, pumped up vibes!


" This is the most powerful self-healing tool I have yet come across and I would like to share it with everyone I love! If you feel drawn to embodied self-healing work please join the incredible and lovely Eliza Love for these workshops. She is an amazing teacher I keep coming back to and this technique is a game changer. See you there!"- Lachlan Harkness


This class will be easy and fun, no need to bring anything but yourself! Come on time if you can to get the short instructions and activation guided by Eliza Love before we MOVE OUR BODY AND CHANGE OUR ENERGY.

No matter how your feeling on the day- frustrated, sore, annoyed, unsafe, rejected or insecure; come to this and within an hour you will feel better, no joke .Remarkably, profoundly, delightfully better.


" Some words to describe my experience of Quantum self healing 1&2 with Eliza Love..
Simple, amazing, supercharged, intuitive, powerful, integrative, consolidating, shamanic, affordable, empowering and all together awesome. Yah!"- Wendy Bennett