Letting go of past hurt- what you need to know

One of the questions we get asked most from students is:

How do I let go of past hurts? How do I forget that thing they said to me and move on?

Let us level with you, here is what you need to know.

You are holding on to those words, that awful thing they did to you, the mean things they said about you BECAUSE YOU ARE WAITING FOR THE DAY YOU ARE RIGHT.

Get real with yourself. That's the ultimate win in this situation, isn't it?

They come to you one day and say:
"I'm so sorry I should never have done that or said that to you and now I see you were right all along. I was wrong to do and say those things."

That's what you think about, isn't it? Them finally admitting they mistreated you.

And maybe they did but that is irrelevant to your healing.

Please know if you are wanting the other to come to you as say they were wrong that means you are wanting to be right.

And as long as you are hanging on to the need to be right you are not healing, you are not resolving the trauma, you are in fact reliving it everytime you think or talk about it.

⚡ If you are waiting to be right you are not in flow.

⚡ Sitting in your ego and wanting validation from the place of making the other wrong will keep you disempowered and out of flow.

You know what we mean by that right? That nice comfy place where things go smoothly and life just rolls along with you in the sweet spot.

In that place, it doesn't matter what 'they' think of you right? Or how 'they' perceive the situation.

Focus your energy and thoughts for the now. If you have more interesting things happening in the present the past retreats to the background where it belongs.

Your pain used to lay the foundations of your growth. Your roots have grown deeper and your branches have more strength to reach to the light.  

Eliza Hather