leave all spaces lighter than when I found them

About 25 years ago Zig Ziglar switched a light on for me.

I attended several of his classes and as a young girl moving into adulthood he showed me a pathway that lead to my dedication to service.

He illuminated a commitment to learn the art of contribution.

Contribution to the highest good. I learned that by expanding my intelligence and maximising my internal harmony I could be of great benefit to the whole world.

By taking responsibility for my own growth I could have a positive effect on everyone I encountered.

Through self determination and self development I could leave all spaces better then when I found them.

I could create positive change by changing myself.

I continue to be dedicated to this. My personal growth is an art for me. A sacred ritual where I am continuously evolving and growing into a better contributor to love and peace on earth.

The journey began within and I'm grateful for this man and his offerings to my 15 year old self. He was one of my first teachers and now I am honored to be a teacher too.

I am now dedicated to teaching others to get clear on who they are and who they want to be. To integrate their hearts' desires and align them to their everyday actions; creating strong integrity and firm boundaries.

Learning the art of self healing and illumination. Self sustained energy and living a life that is self directed under the clear guidance of their intuition.

The journey within will change you for life. For the better. For a more awesome version of you and you may just end up being the happiest person you know!

Eliza HatherComment