A New Years Wish.

Here's number 1 on my 2018 goals list:

🌐⚕I AM using my daily practice to expand my consciousness, activate all chakras, focus my mind, discern my energy into the positive aspects of life and maintain a wholistic health. 👍😁

💜✌ I respond with love to a thriving, inspiring community as we work together for the alignment to source love. I AM living in trust with spirits' guidance and building my self confidence.  💃💚

YASSSSS! This took time and technique to fine tune this goal and now it feels so good! 

If you'd like some help setting your year for super awesomeness specifically flavoured to your taste check out the classes we have coming up for Jan and Feb! 

Choose your adventure and come along to a class for a Happy New Year! 

Eliza Love

Eliza Hather